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대한민국, OGP 제11대 의장국 선출

대한민국, OGP 제11대 의장국 선출 관련사진 1
대한민국, OGP 제11대 의장국 선출 관련사진 2

Press Release:
Korea to Lead Global Open Government Efforts
Korea Selected as Incoming Co-Chair of the Open Government Partnership

The Republic of Korea has been elected as Incoming Government Co-chair of Open Government Partnership (OGP), an international organization for open government, for the 2019-21 years. On August 27, OGP announced its 11th government and civil society co-chairs: the Government of the Republic of Korea and Maria Baron, Executive Director of Directorio Legislativo.

As an incoming co-chair, Korea will begin its two-year term this October to lead global efforts to promote open government and deepen democracy. The current co-chairs are the Government of Canada and Nathaniel Heller, Executive Vice President for Results for the Development Institute.

OGP is a global movement of reformers to promote transparency, fight corruption and increase citizen participation globally. Initiated by remarks by former U.S. President Barack Obama to the United Nations General Assembly, OGP was launched in 2011.

OGP has grown from eight founding governments to 79 including the United States, Canada and France with 20 local governments and thousands of civil society organizations including Transparency International.

The Republic of Korea led by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety joined OGP at its launch in 2011, and elected as one of Steering Committee member countries in 2017.

Korea’s election to OGP chairmanship implies that Korea has shown globally its continued efforts and achievements in government innovation, and will represent 79 government members and thousands of civil society organizations that collaborate to make government more transparent and deepen democracy at the international level.

Working in partnership with an incoming civil society co-chair Maria Baron, Korea will develop a joint-vision for open government that would set directions of OGP’s second decade following its 10th anniversary in 2021. Furthermore, Korea considers hosting the ‘OGP Global Summit’ in 2021 that marks the 10th anniversary of OGP.

OGP has recognized Korea’s efforts to protect democracy through candlelit vigils and Gwanghwamoon 1st Street which is a citizen participation platform.

OGP CEO Sanjay Pradhan said “Following the civic groundswell of the Candle Protest in Gwanghwamun Square, South Korea has made strong efforts to broaden opportunities for community participation in government decision-making, and to open up government. As incoming chairs of the OGP Steering Committee along with Maria Baron as their civil society counterpart, we look forward to benefitting from their leadership in defending and expanding civic space, building an inclusive society, and driving government innovation."

“With shrinking civic spaces and diminishing citizen trust in government globally, open government is key to addressing a variety of issues as such,” said Minister Chin, Young of the Interior and Safety. “Korea as Incoming Government Chair for the 2019-21 years will continue our efforts to lead by example and push open government forward at the international level.”

Point of Contact: Yujin Lee,
Deputy Director of Innovation Planning Division